Michelle R. Palmer

Author and Thought Leader

Michelle is a Florida native known to her readers as Micki. She is an author who provides guidance and inspiration to illuminate the mind. Her literary manuscripts are a testament to her love for the expression of language and the power it holds to spark change and nurture growth.

Michelle’s Books reflect her life experiences, from the serene shores of Florida to the bustling rhythm of family life. As a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, and enthusiast of live music, sporting events, and the thrill of a good bargain, her writing mirrors the depth and diversity of her life’s canvas.

Michelle’s professional experience spans various industries, where she has excelled in roles such as project management, technical writing, and Information technology. Michelle is an active member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated, having served in local and state leadership positions.

Michelle R. Palmer

Select your path and keep right on walking.

Quote from "My Tomorrow, Became Today"

Michelle R. Palmer

Associate Degree

In Liberal Arts & Sciences From University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 

Bachelor Degree

In Sociology From University of Florida, Gainesville, FL 

Master Degree

In Organizational Management University of Phoenix, Maitland, FL 

Professional Author

Published Author – “My Tomorrow Became Today” 2021 

Technical Writer

Project Manager/Technical Writer/Technical Solutions Consultant

Published Author

Micki Michelle Publishing Company, 2021-Present

Values &  Core Beliefs 


Michelle is an individual whose life and work depict a profound commitment to values grounded in her deep faith.

Known for embodying the essence of being a God-fearing woman, Michelle integrates her spiritual convictions into every facet of her endeavor, bolstering her professional conduct with integrity, ethical considerations, and a compassionate outlook.

Her approach to business and interactions is characterized by a strong moral compass, guiding her decision-making processes and ensuring that her actions align with her core beliefs.

This commitment to faith and ethical conduct influences the culture at Micki Michelle Publishing and resonates through the quality and sincerity of the services offered.

My Skills

Michelle's strategic vision in aligning with emerging market trends has fortified her position at the cutting edge of the self-publishing industry. Michelle’s contributions are a testament to the critical role that proficiency, dedication, and innovation play in sustaining leadership in the literary field.
Copywriting & Editing
Comprehensive Editorial Solutions
Author-Centric Approach
Technological Innovation
Intellectual Property Solutions
Creative Writing
Instruction Writing
Written Communication
Technical Research
Analytical and Critical Thinking
Michelle R. Palmer

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Michelle R. Palmer

I recognize that each person’s narrative is distinct, with its own set of experiences and hurdles. My methodology towards storytelling is highly personalized and intricately tailored, avoiding a uniform template that overlooks the individual’s nuances.